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Big Benefits of Small Bees

Наталья Васько создает местный центр пчеловодства в Жлобинском районе для развития и популяризации пчелиного бизнеса среди местных жителей.  

Forest instead of a landfill

Schoolchildren from Lida Region studying environmental aspects of waste disposal through the creation of young forests on the site of a former landfill.  

One step forward, every day

Natalia is helping people in Biaroza district to start their own agribusiness during COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing economic crisis in Belarus.  

Greening of gardening opens new economic opportunities in rural communities

Alexandra Chertkova, a local rural activist from Mogilev region, gives co-villagers up-to-date knowledge about efficient and eco-friendly gardening, helps them master necessary skills and breathe new…  

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