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How to organize your holidays in a campsite? We have found it out from an auto tourist

Belarusians still find it difficult to travel due to the pandemic. But it is still possible: there are some attractive options in our country, too – the seasoned auto-tourist and Chairperson of the…  

STEM education inspires and empowers schoolchildren in Chernobyl-affected areas

From elementary to high school, students take full advantage of the Chausy School STEM Сentre’s facilities to not only broaden their horizons and gain new skills, but also to increase their…  

Eco-friendly. To be or not to be.

Big Benefits of Small Bees

Наталья Васько создает местный центр пчеловодства в Жлобинском районе для развития и популяризации пчелиного бизнеса среди местных жителей.  

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