UNDP in Belarus launches Accelerator Lab. It means that thanks to the interest of the State Committee on Science and Technology and other ministries, Belarus has become a part of the Global Accelerator Lab network residing in 92 locations and supporting 116 countries – the world's largest learning network to catalyze innovative solutions.

Today the process of human development is more complex than ever, and together with positive and constructive transformations, it brings some challenges as well: from the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic consequences to forced migration due to climate change.

All of this requires innovative solutions for sustainable development to complement or expand existing ones. This is precisely the task of UNDP Accelerator Labs.

The UNDP Accelerator Lab network is a unique mechanism that enables countries to target and accelerate progress towards certain SDGs by offering a new generation of integrated solutions to complex development challenges at the country level, testing and encouraging new partnerships, promising technologies and funding mechanisms.

Each country has its own experience in responding to global challenges. Therefore, the UNDP Accelerator Lab network, created by the United Nations Development Programme with the support of the Government of Germany, the Qatar Fund for Development and expanded by the Government of Italy, seeks to develop, exchange and transmit perspective solutions to solve the most important development problems of the modern world for all countries involved.  For example, in Serbia, the Accelerator Lab works together with the Government to solve the problems of depopulation and migration, proposing new approaches to data processing; in Ukraine, the Accelerator Lab identifies, discusses and tests ideas in the field of environmental management; in Uzbekistan, the Accelerator Lab assists the government in the wider application of environmental innovations and technologies in the regions.

The main goal of the UNDP Accelerator Labs is exploring, testing and growing solutions for sustainable development through the search for progressive ideas, local innovations and experiments.

“We hope that the Accelerator Lab will be able to unite all interested partners in the search for innovative solutions for sustainable development. Sharing best practices, knowledge, products and technologies through in-country and international partnerships will help improve collaboration on sustainable solutions. UNDP is open for constructive cooperation in order to accelerate sustainable development”, - Alexandra Solovieva, the Resident Representative of UNDP in Belarus, emphasized.

The Belarus Accelerator Lab, which includes a search for solutions leader, a research leader and an experimental portfolio leader, together with the UNDP Belarus team and national partners, will work in several thematic areas: green economy, digital development, gender equality, women's empowerment, Chernobyl recovering areas. The activities of the Accelerator Lab, which is part of UNDP Belarus, will also be synchronized with the country's national priorities in these areas, reflected in the UNDP country program.

The success of the Accelerator Lab will be evaluated according to three criteria: the impact of experimentation and acceleration on program design, contributions to national programs, and the transformation of Accelerator Lab initiatives into working mechanisms for sustainable development.


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