Small Business with Result

Nov 28, 2017

The "Small Towns" project completed a series of training seminars for business trainers "Small Business with Result", which took place in November in Minsk, Viсiebsk and Mahiliou.      Participants from almost all corners of Belarus, the regional centers - Brest, Hrodna, Homiel and small and medium-sized cities - Kryčaŭ, Mscislaŭ, Baranavičy, Ščučyn, Orša, Polack, as well as villages and farmsteads joined the four-day training sessions.

The seminars were held in the "train-the-trainer" format and the participants are supposed to independently train other entrepreneurs to achieve results in small business.

The professional fields of activity of participants were very broad: representatives of local authorities, small businesses, business schools and business development centers, business incubators, social services, educational institutions, NGOs.

"People with great life and professional experience have gathered here. Our task is to combine this knowledge into universal effective tools through which they can independently train other entrepreneurs to achieve results in small business ", said Evgeny Zuev, an expert in the field of enterprise development, author of techniques for assessing the effectiveness of marketing investments and training trainers, founder and manager of a number of companies.

The Czech expert Vladimir Braun, the chief consultant and director of Business Excellence Consulting, joined the training in Viciebsk. He presented practical recommendations on the development of business relations with the Czech Republic, spoke about the experience of the Czech Republic in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, identified the optimal areas of activity for small companies.

Nadezhda Znak, lawyer, mediator introduced the legal aspects of entrepreneurship and warned of the risks for those starting new business.

Pavel Marinenko, deputy chairman of the Economy Committee of the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech in Mahiliou.

The participants of the trainings were focused on the actual changes in the Republic of Belarus legislation, removal of administrative barriers in the development of agro-ecotourism, peculiarities of carrying out craft activities, electronic signature and electronic document management, specificity of self-employment, other issues. They were looking for a balance between compliance with all administrative procedures and the business itself, which is supposed to bring profit.

"I want to note the excellent work of the organizers and the business coach. I would like to continue this training. I really like the format chosen, the way the participants are being worked with. There are people from different areas here - business schools, small business, social sphere. There is something to learn from each other", underlined Sergey Fedorov, Commercial Director of Baranavichy Business Incubator, participant of the seminar.

During the seminars, a survey was conducted among the participants to identify which services and what support are most relevant for start-up entrepreneurs in small towns of Belarus. Most participants noted that the most in-demand support measures are:

• Consultations on business, especially on accounting and legal issues.

• Information support and training on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

• Financial support: affordable loans or subsidies for business development.

The recommendations and opinions of the participants will be considered when planning and organizing the subsequent training activities of the project.

Participants of the "Small Business with Result" seminars received certificates upon graduation from Marina Kalinouskaya, the “Small Towns” Project manager and Evgeny Zuev, an expert in the field of enterprise development.

The “Small Towns” project is implemented by UNDP in Belarus and the Ministry of Economy of Belarus and financed by the Russian Federation.

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