Bike 4 SDGs

21 September 2016 | Naliboksky Nature Reserve, Valožyn rayon of Belarus

The agenda of the event features the bike ride with varied distances, picturesque canoeing, guided nature walks, forest concert for SDGs, local cuisine, educational games for children, SDGs bonfire and other exciting SDGs activities.

Bike Route: The route runs through Naliboksky Nature Reserve, Valožhyn rayon of Belarus. The total length of the route is 22 km, but there will be  several distance options, so that all the participants may feel comfortable, inspired and relaxed.

The route begins in the village of Pershai (marked as START on the map) and finishes in Bielakoriec village on the bank of the Islač river (marked as FINISH on the map), where final activities will take place. The bike route is divided into several stages. The first stage is – 1,8 km of the paved road. Another stage is 5 km long, and finishes with the first stopping point with the SDGs activities. Also available is the stage of 13 km, where at the stopping point the participants may have some rest and enjoy drinks and some snacks. The total bike ride distance is 22 km.

Canoeing route: The participants may choose to take a canoeing tour across the river Islač which flows through Valožhyn rayon.

The length of the route is around 13 km. There’s an option to start the canoeing in the village of Baravikouščyna and to finish it in Bielakoriec village – the place where the bike route finishes as well. The participants will be supplied with canoes, life jackets and transported to a venue of the canoeing start.

Implementation/Technical Specifications: 
Bicycles:  bikes for the “Bike 4 SDGs” will be supplied by bicycle rental companies. The participants that have their own bikes are welcome to bring them to the venue of the ride. Bicycles will be delivered to the start point by trucks.


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Canoes: depending on the number of people who wish to take a canoeing tour, the tour agency in Bielakoriec will provide the participants with all the necessary equipment and gear.

Shuttle buses: There will be shuttle buses cruising between stopping points and taking on board participants who wish to stop their bike ride.

Security and safety measures will be covered by the UN Security Management Team. An appropriate road police escort as well as ambulance cars will be provided during the whole event.



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