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Europe's northernmost aquatic warbler population has expanded.

In June 2021, with the support of UNDP and in partnership with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 35 aquatic warbler chicks were transported from Zvanets in southern Belarus to Servech mire…  

E-waste disposal is getting easier in Salihorski District of Belarus

Salihorski District to have new e-waste disposal system, which features public collection points, collection drives and a network of special collection containers for used batteries and light bulbs.  

Black-alder forests can help restore Belarus’ peatlands and benefit the economy

Together with national partners UNDP helps explore the cost and benefits of planting black alder trees on the disturbed peatlands to mitigate climate change, combat land degradation, and bring…  

How fire can help preserve biodiversity?

Controlled burning is rather effective nature-based solution for keeping valuable wetland ecosystems in health and safe from spontaneous fires.  

Descendants of ancient tarpans help European bison to survive

In Belarus the GEF, UNDP and the Belarus’ Ministry of Environment invest in nature- based solutions and maximize their potential to help bring endangered animals like the European bison back from the…  

Big Benefits of Small Bees

Наталья Васько создает местный центр пчеловодства в Жлобинском районе для развития и популяризации пчелиного бизнеса среди местных жителей.  

Forest instead of a landfill

Schoolchildren from Lida Region studying environmental aspects of waste disposal through the creation of young forests on the site of a former landfill.  

Greening of gardening opens new economic opportunities in rural communities

Alexandra Chertkova, a local rural activist from Mogilev region, gives co-villagers up-to-date knowledge about efficient and eco-friendly gardening, helps them master necessary skills and breathe new…  

EU and UNDP help Belarusians who lost jobs due to pandemic become eco-farmers

At the end of 2019, a support center for agro-ecological enterprises was set up in Berezovsky District in Brest Oblast. This initiative by the Vysokovskiy Ecological and Ethnographic Center has helped…  

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