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COVID-19: now it's simple!

UNDP and BelAPDiMI have joined forces to help people with intellectual disabilities to protect their health and lives during COVID-19.  

Street games (dvarovy rukh) changes people

Sergey is 42 years old. He is a regular entrepreneur in Homieĺ and father of three children. He was the one who came up with the idea one year ago to create the Movement of Yard Games (Dvarovy Rukh),…  

Workout for life

A story about how a small exercise venue can change rural peoples' perception of sports.  

A paramedic on an electrobike

Nadezhda has been working as a paramedic for 46 years in the urban village Obol’. She provides services to 7 settlements with a total of 400 residents. She used to walk all the way for dozens of…  

Is your apartment a safe place for a child?

Anastasia learned that an apartment may be a dangerous place for a small child by chance. She took the test, and tried to find the potentially dangerous spots for children. In the bedroom she managed…  

School tomatoes, apples and nuts

Modernization of a canteen & greenhouse helped school in a small town start serving its students healthy and tasty meals. The lunch programme is supported by UNDP and EU who joined efforts to ensure…  

IT engineer, the birdwatcher

UNDP and the EU help introduced a bird-watching into the daily lives of thousands of Belarusian, so they can yield health and mental benefits from enjoin the wildlife.  

UN Belarus Team brings the SDGs to the 2018 Minsk Half Marathon

The UN in Belarus came up as one Team at the Minsk Half Marathon 2018 making the SDGs a core of its team spirit!  

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