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Solving the Equation: Changing the Variables for Women's Success in STEM

Accessing STEM jobs requires challenging gender stereotypes. Belarus' experience in helping women and girls to overcome barriers on their carrier paths in STEM.  

Empowering women’s entrepreneurship for boosting Belarus’ economy

Together with national and development partners, UNDP undertake every effort to eradicate obstacles and ensure women are more active in entrepreneurial activities in Belarus.  

A young entrepreneur from Chausy achieve her business ambitions to start a private kindergarten

The idea of a private kindergarten did not come immediately; Oksana had an idea for starting her own business around her passion for children education for long time.  

Support to women entrepreneurs can help close the gap in economic development between Belarus’ capitals and the districts.

Business networking for rural women is one of the most powerful ways to stimulate local economic growth and give the districts a real chance to catch up with the economies of the capitals.  

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