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The economics of restored peatlands: why we invested in the rehabilitation of Zhada bog.

At the end of 2020, UNDP, the GEF, MinEnv finished the restoration at Zhada bog on about 5,000 ha. Hopes rise that the first signs that the damaged ecosystem is returning back to life can be visible…  

UNDP Belarus kicks off the UN75 Youth Dialogues by giving a voice on the future to the Polessie State University students

More than 100 students and tutors of the Polesie State University connected online to listen to experts and discuss development issues linked to local socioeconomic development, adaptation to climate…  

Initiative, innovations, investments and integration are key pillars of the new stage in the international post-Chernobyl cooperation.

On 13-14 September a delegation of diplomats from Japan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Hungary, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the European Union Delegation to Belarus, CIS Committee, heads of the UN agencies visited…  

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