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UNDP developed a practical guidelines for digitalization of business

UNDP Belarus has released a Digital Solutions Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises. The guide was developed as part of the UNDP’s Rapid Response to COVID-19.  

Cooperation as a Lifeline for Small and Medium-Sized Business

How can I raise additional finance and find new employees? How can I reduce the costs of equipment and raw materials, enter new markets and find customers? Any entrepreneur asks these questions while…  

A young entrepreneur from Chausy achieve her business ambitions to start a private kindergarten

The idea of a private kindergarten did not come immediately; Oksana had an idea for starting her own business around her passion for children education for long time.  

A new agriculture center helps the local community in the Biaroza District of Belarus turn to farming amid COVID-19

UNDP together with the EU, Ministry of Economy, Biaroza district authorities and social and cultural institution "Vysokovsky Ecological and Ethnographic Center" to start new agriculture center to…  

A wheelchair is not a death sentence

EU and UNDP partner to help people with disabilities to stay connected and healthy through a new Inclusive Sport Center in Grodno.  

A pharmacist on a bike

Every morning Irina puts on her versatile clothes, sneakers, sunglasses and goes to the pharmacy, where she has been working as a pharmacist for 19 years.  

An inclusive family art center brings new opportunities for local children and their parents

New inclusive art-center helps rural youth and their parents develop talents and undergo unconventional art therapy techniques.  

COVID-19: Human development on course to decline this year for the first time since 1990

Concerted action with a focus on equity could still limit the impacts of this unprecedented crisis: closing the digital divide would reduce by more than two-thirds the number of children currently not…  

With thanks to bees

In the story we want to tell today, bees not only ensure the economic stability of a Belarusian family, but also have a beneficial effect on mental health - the foundation of human nature, which…  

EU and UNDP help business-incubator in Zhlobin launch online school on social entrepreneurship

The course on social entrepreneurship started on 25 April in Zhlobin, Homiel region  

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