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Sustainable mobility helps tourism to spearhead green economy in Belarus’ regions

Green mobility helps tourism to generate more income, be inclusive and in harmony with nature.  

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Making Wind Power Industry Smart in Belarus

UNDP, GEF and the Ministry of Environment of Belarus partner with Austria to facilitate wind power sector development through smart technologies.  

UNDP Launches a New Support Mechanism to Help Belarus Fight COVID-19 and Its Consequences

UNDP will join forces with national and local partners, international organizations, businesses and NGOs to undertake coordinated action aiming to stop COVID-19 spread and help mitigate the risk and…  

Foreign investments back US$40 million wind power project in Belarus boosting the country’s prospects of low-carbon economy

Turkish Engineering Company was selected for building the biggest windfarm in Belarus bringing the country one step closer to building its largest wind farm and reaching its 2030 renewables target.  

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