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Preparations launched to eliminate Belarus’ largest stockpile of obsolete pesticides.

The international technical assistance project “Sustainable Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Chemicals in the Republic of Belarus, GEF-6” is conducting a frontal monitoring of the…  

Green mobility fosters sustainable development of Belarus’ small towns

Green mobility is an integral part of modern urban infrastructure and plays the capital role in urban development plans design. It makes small cities more comfortable and environmentally friendly,…  

How to organize your holidays in a campsite? We have found it out from an auto tourist

Belarusians still find it difficult to travel due to the pandemic. But it is still possible: there are some attractive options in our country, too – the seasoned auto-tourist and Chairperson of the…  

UNDP’s new approach towards partnership and investment-driven post-Chernobyl development of the affected regions in Belarus.

Over the past 25 years UNDP supported and took lead in coordinating multi-partnership efforts in developing human potential in Chernobyl-affected regions Belarus through promotion of entrepreneurship,…  

New app aims to boost cycling experience in Belarus’ small towns

UNDP works on a mobile application to promote cycling routes with an audio guide across Belarus’ small towns.  

Belarus will say goodbye to 700 tons of unwanted pesticides in 2021.

GEF and UNDP will help #Belarus with the removal and disposal of 700 tons of unwanted pesticides stored in warehouses of various agricultural organizations in Viciebsk and Hrodna regions.  

Contactless vacation. Let’s go to Mereya camping site

During COVID-19, when most of the people are trying to stay away from crowded places and have spent a lot of time in isolation/quarantine, outdoor activities have gained popularity. Such activities…  

COVID-19: now it's simple!

UNDP and BelAPDiMI have joined forces to help people with intellectual disabilities to protect their health and lives during COVID-19.  

Street games (dvarovy rukh) changes people

Sergey is 42 years old. He is a regular entrepreneur in Homieĺ and father of three children. He was the one who came up with the idea one year ago to create the Movement of Yard Games (Dvarovy Rukh),…  

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