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Belarus to define areas of green growth for acceleration in reaching SDGs with the help of specialized assessments and methodologies

The complex assessment of the areas for accelerated low-carbon growth will be conducted in Belarus.  

UNDP Project to Contribute to Ecotourism Development in Belarus

A two-day international conference on ecotourism development took place in Minsk on 2-3 December.  

Europe's northernmost aquatic warbler population has expanded.

In June 2021, with the support of UNDP and in partnership with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 35 aquatic warbler chicks were transported from Zvanets in southern Belarus to Servech mire…  

Virtual tours will be developed for the "Nalibokski", "Aziory" and " Asviejski" reserves

It will soon be possible to take a walk and enjoy the attractions of the "Nalibokski", “Aziory” and "Asviejski" reserves in a virtual format – virtual tours will be available for each of the three…  

Sustainable mobility helps tourism to spearhead green economy in Belarus’ regions

Green mobility helps tourism to generate more income, be inclusive and in harmony with nature.  

The Paris Agreement – A Pivotal Moment to Avert Climate Catastrophe

The Paris Agreement is timely and right tool for bringing countries, governments, civil society, business and communities together to have a significant impact on the success of the climate agenda.  

E-waste disposal is getting easier in Salihorski District of Belarus

Salihorski District to have new e-waste disposal system, which features public collection points, collection drives and a network of special collection containers for used batteries and light bulbs.  

How Belarus uses degraded peatlands rewetting to conserve unique biodiversity of its bogs.

Restoring degraded peatlands through re-wetting is simple, efficient and accessible nature-based solution to cut carbon emissions and halt biodiversity loss.  

Green mobility fosters sustainable development of Belarus’ small towns

Green mobility is an integral part of modern urban infrastructure and plays the capital role in urban development plans design. It makes small cities more comfortable and environmentally friendly,…  

Why do we need to know about our peatlands?

Read our blog on how a digital registry advances wetlands protection and sustainable management in Belarus.  

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