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UNDP Project to Contribute to Ecotourism Development in Belarus

A two-day international conference on ecotourism development took place in Minsk on 2-3 December.  

Three Belarusian Reserves to Become More Inclusive Thanks to the Project on Ecotourism Development

The infrastructure of three Belarusian reserves – "Nalibokski", “Aziory” and "Asviejski" – will become more inclusive for people with disabilities thanks to the project on ecotourism development.  

Virtual tours will be developed for the "Nalibokski", "Aziory" and " Asviejski" reserves

It will soon be possible to take a walk and enjoy the attractions of the "Nalibokski", “Aziory” and "Asviejski" reserves in a virtual format – virtual tours will be available for each of the three…  

E-waste disposal is getting easier in Salihorski District of Belarus

Salihorski District to have new e-waste disposal system, which features public collection points, collection drives and a network of special collection containers for used batteries and light bulbs.  

UNDP and the EU finish rural gardening initiative

The EU-funded initiative to promote fruit gardening among rural communities has been completed in Mogilev region of Belarus.  

EU4Climate Belarus

Eco-friendly. To be or not to be.

Broken societies put people and planet on collision course, says UNDP

An experimental global index offers a new measurement of human progress that illustrates the challenge of tackling poverty and inequality while easing planetary pressure.  

Forest instead of a landfill

Schoolchildren from Lida Region studying environmental aspects of waste disposal through the creation of young forests on the site of a former landfill.  

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