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Eco-friendly. To be or not to be.

How fire can help preserve biodiversity?

Controlled burning is rather effective nature-based solution for keeping valuable wetland ecosystems in health and safe from spontaneous fires.  

The economics of restored peatlands: why we invested in the rehabilitation of Zhada bog.

At the end of 2020, UNDP, the GEF, MinEnv finished the restoration at Zhada bog on about 5,000 ha. Hopes rise that the first signs that the damaged ecosystem is returning back to life can be visible…  

Descendants of ancient tarpans help European bison to survive

In Belarus the GEF, UNDP and the Belarus’ Ministry of Environment invest in nature- based solutions and maximize their potential to help bring endangered animals like the European bison back from the…  

Contactless vacation. Let’s go to Mereya camping site

During COVID-19, when most of the people are trying to stay away from crowded places and have spent a lot of time in isolation/quarantine, outdoor activities have gained popularity. Such activities…  

Can Belarus’ small villages become popular tourist destinations?

A story of Komarova, where local business helps create favorable conditions for attracting tourists by merging the restoration of local heritage sites with business development.  

UNDP and Germany help border guards in Belarus to quickly adapt to a new COVID-19 reality and ensure border security amid the outbreak.

UNDP and Germany offer the Belarusian border guards a first look into the border management in the post-pandemic world. This partnership showcases a strong need for border and customs services to pay…  

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