Why do we need to know about our peatlands?

Read our blog on how a digital registry advances wetlands protection and sustainable management in Belarus.  

Empowering women’s entrepreneurship for boosting Belarus’ economy

Together with national and development partners, UNDP undertake every effort to eradicate obstacles and ensure women are more active in entrepreneurial activities in Belarus.  

Making Wind Power Industry Smart in Belarus

UNDP, GEF and the Ministry of Environment of Belarus partner with Austria to facilitate wind power sector development through smart technologies.  

Cooperation as a Lifeline for Small and Medium-Sized Business

How can I raise additional finance and find new employees? How can I reduce the costs of equipment and raw materials, enter new markets and find customers? Any entrepreneur asks these questions while…  

A journey to green economy begins with “greening” your behavior

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis revealed new challenges in fighting plastics.  

Support to women entrepreneurs can help close the gap in economic development between Belarus’ capitals and the districts.

Business networking for rural women is one of the most powerful ways to stimulate local economic growth and give the districts a real chance to catch up with the economies of the capitals.  

Challenging job for all: helping Belarus tackle old and new inequalities

Belarus is doing a great job on moving up in Human Development Index through steadily progressing across three dimensions of human development: life expectancy, length of education, and gross national…  

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