What is the main tourist attraction in Belarus? Most people would agree it’s the county’s nature, as well as its rich historical and cultural heritage. While today digital technologies are considered as well, however, it's not a brand only but one of the drivers of tourism development in Belarus.

The impact of technology on tourism is estimated to generate revenues of up to 305 billion by 2025. Being a country that is putting a lot of efforts and investments into harnessing digital technology, and, at the same, being extremely interested in welcoming foreign tourists into the country, Belarus has excellent chance to transform its tourism industry into a highly-profitable sector of the national economy.

  • National priority for digitalizing the entire economy
  • Focus on cashless economy
  • Booming IT-sector. Roughly 200 high-tech companies, 80% of them working in IT, generate revenue of EUR 887 mil. The IT sector contributes 5% of total GDP and 3.25% to total exports.
  • Legalization of smart contracts and crypto-currencies (new sources of funding)
  • 30-day visa-free regime. 20% increase in the number of tourist arrivals
  • Plans to develop digital visa and travel authorization systems.

On 27 September representatives of IT and tourism sector spoke out at the open discussion New Horizons Dialogue “Bringing digital technologies and tourism closer: new opportunities for growth” held within 25th International Exhibition for Tourism “TOURBUSINESS-2018" on the World Tourism Day.

What is the use of such a cooperation?

✅ IT can help Belarusian tourism to be more flexible, accessible, profitable and competitive not only at the local, but also at the world market

✅ It makes tourism more accessible by empowering those who found it hard to profit from tourism before

✅ Technologies help tourism industry create new jobs

✅ Open up opportunities for development of medium and small businesses in the regions.

The main conclusion of the discussion is the need of creating a platform for tourism industry and high-tech sector to exchange experience, opinions and new ideas. The result of such communication could result in new joint projects on the digital transformation of tourism sector.

The New Horizons Dialogue was organized by the United Nations in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus. Video recording of the event.

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