Small Business: “Never Give Up and Look for Solutions”

Apr 20, 2018

The UNDP "Small Towns" project team continues its educational tour through the regions of Belarus.

This time the training on the basics of entrepreneurship "Small Business with Result" was hosted by the city of Čerykaŭ, Mahilioŭ Region. The seminar was attended by the local unemployed, both beginners and businessmen with experience, representatives of the local business center, employees of social facilities of Čerykaŭ, employees of the local executive committee.

The training began with an active acquaintance and communication. The participants told why they decided to take part in the seminar. "I'm glad that there are people here who are interested in self-development," said business coach Evgeny Zuev, founder and manager of the REZULTAT Group of Companies.

A great deal of attention was paid to the psychology of entrepreneurship. Evgeny Zuev explained with concrete examples how one can reach a concrete result in business in the situations which may seem desperate: "You can always give up and move aside. But let it be your plan B or even C. In fact, there are always solutions that will develop your business and help you  enter a new financial level. "

Jointly with Evgeny Zuev, participants worked out effective tools for the development of tourism services, farmstead business, private agricultural production and other small businesses.

Participants of the training analyzed the state of the consumer market, figured out what works best for small businesses in regional markets and looked for possible sources of financing for small businesses.

The "Small Towns" project manager Marina Kalinouskaya introduced the participants of the training to the concept of social entrepreneurship. Providing specific examples, she told how Belarusian businesses take part in solving various social problems. 

Upon completion of the training, the participants received certificates and a manual "Small Business with a Result" for further work on their business idea.

Sergey Klimenkov, director of the Čausy Business Center:

"Today, a contribution has been made to the revitalization of the population of Čerykaŭ and Čerykaŭ District in terms of entrepreneurial activity. The training stimulates people with an entrepreneurial mindset to seek new ways and opportunities for the development of the existing business or the opening of a new one." 

Elena Nalivaiko, cosmetic services (manicure, pedicure), Čerykaŭ:

"I liked the training very much.  I learned a lot of new things. I see that there are chances to grow and promote my activity. The training helped to understand how things are interconnected in business.  I realized that my knowledge is not enough now. It means that it is necessary to learn and gain experience. I plan to open a beauty salon of my own. "

Evgeny Zuev, business coach:

“Everything is in the minds of people. The main thing for people is to be eager to do something. How to do - we will always help. There was a good audience today, a lot of active people involved, many good questions, an active discussion. Of course, we did not answer all the questions today. But the basis for how to take the first steps, in what direction to move, has been laid down. "

The training was organized by the project “Promotion of employment and self-employment of the population in small and medium-sized towns of Belarus” that is implemented by UNDP and Ministry of Economy of Belarus and financed by the Russian Federation.

The nearest seminars of the project will be held in Čausy, Kryčaŭ, Kruhlaje, Braslaŭ, Polack and Mscislaŭje.


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