“To Voice a Business Idea and Get Feedback”

Mar 20, 2018

The UNDP “Small Towns” project continues the cycle of seminars on the basics of entrepreneurship. This time, students, undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers of the Faculty of Business and Law of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy in the town of Horki, Mahiliou Region, took part in the trainings.

The seminars were also attended by those wishing to start their own business and registered as unemployed in the Horki Labor and Employment Authority.

The training was conducted by Albina V. Samusenko, the head of the Department for support and development of small business of Mahiliou city center of small business development.

During the seminars, the participants discussed the legal bases of business (business forms and principal issues of its registration), current legislation changes, small business taxation and financial support for small businesses, franchising, basic marketing issues (price, supply and demand, market segmentation and product promotion). The seminar participants got acquainted with the basic rules of business projects presentation to search for partners and investors.

The second day of the training was devoted to the workshop: students presented their own business ideas - a beauty salon, a drawing school and others. The most active participants were gifted the project’s manual "Small Business with Result".

On the side, social aspects of business were presented at the seminar: what social entrepreneurship and social responsibility of business are. 

Nikita Kabak, a student of the Faculty of Economics: “The economy is not my strongest yet but I have to face with some issues. I quickly joined the work and got a good charge of optimism and inspiration. There are a lot of chances to open your own business, you have just to bravely follow your dream. I have already a couple of my own ideas. "

Irina Taranova, teacher and mother on maternity leave: “Unfortunately I have no economic or legal education, so for me it was a very useful seminar, especially regarding taxation. It was interesting to look at people, to learn about their ideas. Such proactive people differ from the majority. It was important for me to voice my business idea, to look at the reaction of other participants, to receive feedback.”

The trainings are organized by the project “Promotion of employment and self-employment of the population in small and medium-sized towns of Belarus” that is implemented by UNDP and Ministry of Economy of Belarus and financed by the Russian Federation.


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