UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus and Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus visit Smolevichi Forestry Enterprise

Dec 6, 2016

On 5th of December 2016 Sanaka Samarasinha, the Resident Representative of UNDP office in Belarus, met Mikhail Amelianovich, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus, in Drachkovskoe Forestry in Smolevichi rayon. The central topic of the discussion were the consequences of hurricane that occurred in July 2016 and resulted in the damage of approximately 40 thousand ha of forest plantations. The agenda also touched upon the main areas of Forestry activities and opportunities for cooperation within environmental projects.

 “For the period of 5 months we have eliminated more than 90% of damaged forest. We still need to plant 8000 ha of new trees. Our colleagues from Finland, Russia, Poland and Latvia visited us and were surprised by how quickly we managed to eliminate damaged forest and started planting new trees. It took them three years to do the same” - mentioned Mikhail Amelianovich.

During the visit to Forestry Enterprise the Director Iosif Goroshik organized a tour for the guests and demonstrated the scale of damage that had not been eliminated yet.

The participants of the meeting highlighted the importance of full recovery of forests and the necessity to draw attention of the world community to this problem. The UNDP Resident Representative promised to consider potential partners and donors to support early recovery of the forests in Smolevichi rayon: “I will try to engage ambassadors of different countries who may be interested in supporting Belarus. Sweden demonstrates interest in cooperation within environmental projects”.

At the end of the day, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus thanked Sanaka Samarasinha for the meeting on behalf of all wood-growers of the country.


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