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33 years on, Chernobyl-affected areas spring to life

More than three decades after the devastating explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, parts of Belarus’s adjoining regions have sprung back to life and at least the biggest of them, Homiel,…  

Alexandra Solovieva assumes office of the UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus

Ms. Alexandra Solovieva assumes office of the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Belarus. In this role she will strengthen the strategic partnership of UNDP…  

Another practical step towards Belarus accession to the WTO

More than 100 representatives of government bodies, enterprises, business associations, and higher educational institutions involved in the negotiation process have learned more about General…  

Belarus inaugurates national forum on development goals

More than 400 representatives of the Government of Belarus, international organizations and the diplomatic corps will gather here to explore ways to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable…  

Belarus to prevent more than 5 mln tons of CO2 emissions by peatland restoration

The restoration of disturbed inefficiently drained peatlands will allow Belarus to prevent the carbon dioxide emissions by 5 419 756 t CO2-eq/20y.  

What are the advantages of mediation in a legal system?

The delegation of legal experts from Belarus visited the Netherlands to study mediation and its advantages over traditional lawsuits.  

The EU and UNDP expand support to small business development in Belarus

This 8-million Euro project is one of the largest ever initiatives of this kind implemented in Belarus and it will substantially contribute to SMEs becoming the engine of the Belarusian economy in the…  

The habitat conditions for the European bison have been improved in Nalibokski Reserve

The habitat conditions for the micro population of the European bison have been improved in Nalibokski Nature Reserve within the "Wetlands" project, funded by the GEF and implemented by UNDP in…  

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