Building Up Climate Resilience in Belarus

07 Nov 2016

Is there a chance for Belarus with temperate-continental climate characteristic for Central Europe to get on the list of Europe’s melon exporters in the near future? Such perspective started to take shape when during unusually hot summer of 2010 a number of agricultural households in the southern regions of Belarus managed to grow an impressive harvest of watermelons. … Read more


31 Aug 2016

Almost a year ago, UN70 Express steamed through cities towns of Belarus advocating Sustainable Development Goals in a new and unique format. The day has come when we are ready with a new "Inclusive Belarus" initiative that starts this October. The United Nations team visited the Hrodna Oblast to conduct preparations for the campaign. The campaign’s route helped to witness the unique practices that are embedded in Belarus under the UNDP-led projects. All these projects are united by one goal — to “include” people into active social and economic life of their communities. … Read more

Belarusian festival “Sporava Hayfields 2016” rediscovered traditional hand hay making

16 Aug 2016

Hand haymaking can be an enjoyable activity to do in the summertime. Participants of the ecological festival “Sporava Hayfields 2016” from their own experience learned how to fit traditional haymaking around busy lives. The festival took place on 13 August 2016 in the remote area of Biarozauski district. For this event, the focal point traditionally became the revival of hand haymaking culture and restoration of flora and fauna of unique bogs. Live music concerts, entertainments for kids, local handicraft and a championship in “Football on the bog”: it all happened in one spot at “Sporava Hayfields 2016” festival. … Read more

Women of Slauharad town revived local cheese-making traditions

01 Aug 2016 by UNDP Belarus

Cheese makers in Slauharad
It is difficult to imagine our life without cheese. This product is an essential component of many national cuisines across the globe. Cheese is more than just a dairy product or a key ingredient for many dishes, it is more an integral part of local traditions and customs. As it turned out Slauharad district is a home for about 50 varieties of cheese. And it was here where several women, local farmers and cookery masters, united to produce "craft" cheeses. During 10 years of its existence an informal women’s’ “cheesemakers” association collected recipes for all over the region and established small cheese-production businesses on the basis of local farmsteads. “Syrnaja Laŭka (Cheese Shop)” at the ‘UN 70’ fair in Mahilioŭ, Oct 2015 Over the last years, cheesemakers have begun marshaling financial resources of the European Union to establish a local center for home cheese production. Opening a “Cheese Shop” at Slauharad’s town market has boosted the success of the endeavor. Nice premises with a separate entrance and colorful signboard is the holiest place for the local cheesemakers.   “Cheese Shop” initiative at the festival - fair in Slaŭharad Halina Taran in her new ‘Cheese Shop (Syrnaja Laŭka)’, the main initiator and … Read more


22 Jul 2016

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